Vous trouverez ci-dessous le communiqué officiel de KL concernant DoubleAgent :

  • Kaspersky Lab would like to thank Cybellum Technologies LTD for discovering and reporting the vulnerability which made a DLL Hijacking attack possible, via an undocumented feature of Microsoft Application Verifier. This allows the attacker to inject code into most OS processes, not just security solutions. It should be mentioned that this attack can only be performed thorough a local vector, when the attacker has already penetrated the device. The attacker has to infect the attacked computer with malicious software in advance, and escalate its privilege on the device in order to register a new Application Verifier Provider DLL ­ both actions require an attacker to use a range of other tools. The detection and blocking of this malicious scenario has been added to all Kaspersky Lab products from 22 March. In order to stay protected, Kaspersky Lab recommends all customers keep their security solutions up to date and do not disable behavior-based detection features.